Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sue Scheff: Safe and Sound Youth Transportation

Since creating Parents' Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.), I have been introduced to wonderful people that take heart in helping families that are struggling with today's teens. Choosing the right program or school is your first major decision, deciding how to get them there safely, is your second. More and more families are resorting to Transport Companies, however just like with schools and programs, you need to find the right one. Remember, this is not kidnapping - as long as you have selected the right transport, the transition can be smooth. I have talked to many parents and teens that have actually kept in touch with their transport person as a friend. Listed below is one company that has an impeccable reputation and I have personally spoken with many families that have satisfied results.
Safe and Sound Youth Transportation - Owner Lorraine Colpitts (pictured above)
A Safe, Caring Transition at a Difficult time......Let us be the "First Step" in aiding your family during this time of family crisis.

Our Mission Statement........

To ensure the Safe and Reliable Intervention/Transport of your teen from your home or your childs current placement to your chosen destination in the most professional, yet nurturing and efficient manner possible.

Welcome to the Safe and Sound Youth Transportation, Inc. website.

This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about us and our company. We are here to assist you, the parent, with any and all of your teen escort and transportation needs. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to Contact Us. We thank you for visiting and would like to encourage you to check back for updated information.

" We go the extra miles "

The extra is very important to us that the transport starts at your home, (or your chosen school or program), and it doesn't end until we get your child all the way to his/her final destination. What that could mean is that we drive them from your home to the nearest airport, fly across the country to the state the program or school is in, then rent a car and drive several hours, if your destination is a Wilderness Program or School. It can be a very long and trying journey, but we are excited to take it with your child.

We take having the responsibility of your child very seriously and will see them all the way through this part of their journey. We are committed to you and your family, and will always treat them with the utmost dignity and respect, kindness and compassion.

We will stay in communication with you, the parent or guardian, by cell phone, and call you at frequent intervals, which can be decided on prior to the transport.

Our goal is always the safest, least traumatic trip possible, and we always take the most cost effective route when we can.

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