Monday, March 14, 2011

Savvy Parents Safe Kids

Do you wonder how to keep your children safer? Do the endless media stories about abductions, Child Sexual

Abuse and other crimes have you concerned?

You are not alone. 

In todays hectic world, it can seem difficult to know when, where, how and why we should be talking to our kids about safety.

Your child is unique and so are their safety needs. A Savvy Parents Safe Kids workshop will help YOU learn the best practice safety tips that will be effective with YOUR child.

No scare tactics, no graphic conversations.

Your child's safety, made simple.

The Super 10 from Savvy Parents Safe Kids:
  1.  I am SPECIAL & I have the right to be safe at all times.     
  2. I know my NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and my caregiver’s name too.  
  3. I never go ANYWHERE or take anything from someone I don’t know.      
  4. I always CHECK FIRST to get permission before I go anywhere or get into a car, even if it is with someone I know.                   
  5. My bathing suit areas are PRIVATE!                
  6. I don’t have to be POLITE if someone tries to bully me into doing something that makes me feel uncomfortable or scared.
  7. It’s OK to say “NO!” & tell a safe grown-up when something doesn’t feel right.        
  8. I don’t keep SECRETS (especially from my caregivers)!           
  9. I always take a buddy and I know what to do if I ever get LOST.
  10. I always pay ATTENTION TO MY OWN INNER VOICE, especially that “uh-oh” feeling.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Sue for posting! We are really hopping over here at Savvy Parents with some great opportunities for families to get savvy and safe this spring! If you have kids staying home alone this summer, I have a teleclass coming up on April 28th at 2PM (PST) but you can buy the recording and listen to it when you want. We will be providing great strategies to see if your child is ready to stay home and how to keep them safe when they are home.