Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sue Scheff: Doohiki - FUN is Learning! Meet this labor of love!

This is a wonderful, engaging and educational website for you and your family.  Check this out!

About Doohiki:, the Wubbalum Club™ and the Wubbalum Friends™ are truly a labour of love.

I’ve noticed through my coaching efforts in both baseball and archery that there is an atmosphere of change upon us, a kind of anti-technology backlash. First, you need to know that in no way am I against the use of technology in the education of children but I do understand a parent’s desire to provide a variety of opportunities and influences. This site, the club and the friends came about as an answer to that call.

My mission is to provide as much downloadable content as I possibly can with only one goal in mind… “Kids must have fun while learning.” To that end, rather than sell individual items, although it is an option, interested parents, teachers and educators can purchase a 1-year Membership for a nominal fee.

Members can download previously and newly posted content FREE of any further charges for an entire year. In the long run, the Member can save hundreds of dollars.

I am open to suggestions and will do my best to take requests wherever I can.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it a useful tool in the education of your children.


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sue Scheff: Enough IS Enough - Making the Internet Safeer for Children and Families

Enough Is Enough (EIE), a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, emerged in 1994 as the national leader on the front lines to make the Internet safer for children and families. Since then, EIE has pioneered and led the effort to confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking and sexual predation with innovative initiatives and effective communications.

Mission Statement

The Enough Is Enough (EIE) mission is to Make the Internet Safer for Children and Families. We are dedicated to continue raising public awareness about the dangers of Internet pornography and sexual predators, and advance solutions that promote equality, fairness and respect for human dignity with shared responsibility between the public, technology, and the law. We stand for freedom of speech as defined by the Constitution of the United States; for a culture where all people are respected and valued; for a childhood with a protected period of innocence; for healthy sexuality; and for a society free from sexual exploitation.

The Problem

The Internet has become a powerful educational and communications tool, placing vast, new worlds of knowledge and information, literally within our fingertips. Unfortunately, this vehicle has also been hijacked by the sex industry and sexual predators. The two primary Internet dangers today are children's free and easy access to all types of pornography, and sexual predators' easy and anonymous access to children.

The Solution

EIE has a three-pronged, preventative approach to create and sustain a safe, entertaining, and informative Internet environment, free from sexual predators and the intrusion of unwanted sexual material:

1.Raise public awareness of the threat of illegal pornography and sexual predation on the Internet in order to empower and equip parents and other child caregivers to implement safety measures.
2.Encourage the technology industry to implement viable technological solutions and family-friendly corporate policy to reduce this threat.
3.Promote legal solutions by calling for aggressive enforcement of existing laws and enactment of new laws to stop the sexual exploitation and victimization of children using the Internet.
EIE has recently expanded its mission to include a new, faith-based initiative, "Recovering Hearts". In addition to prevention awareness, the initiative's focus is to educate and equip the church to minister recovery and healing to lives already sexually broken by pornography, sexual addiction, and victimization.

Visit their website at and join them on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sue Scheff: ChildNet - Leading Abused Children to Safety and Stability

In Broward County every year, several hundred children enter the child welfare system due to abuse, abandonment or neglect. As the local Community Based Care lead agency, ChildNet manages the local system of services and supports for Broward's most vulnerable children. Our mission is to protect Broward's abused, abandoned and neglected children, to ensure their safety and to promptly provide them with a loving home.

ChildNet is the private, not for profit organization selected by the state through a competitive process to serve as the local Community Based Care lead agency. As the lead agency, ChildNet manages the local system of services and supports for Broward’s most vulnerable children and their families. Our mission is to protect Broward County's abused, abandoned and neglected children, to ensure their safety and to promptly provide them with a permanent, loving home. ChildNet’s system of care was developed with extensive input from local stakeholders and its effective implementation depends upon their continued support.

Learn more at

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sue Scheff: Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mission Statement

MADD's mission: to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.

Since 1980, MADD has grown into one of the nation’s most widely respected non-profit organizations.

Frequently asked questions - Click here.

Learn more.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sue Scheff: Toe-to-Toe with Your Teen: Successfully Parenting a Defiant Teenager Without Giving Up or Giving In

Toe to Toe with Your Teen by Jimmy Myers

Defiant, out-of-control teenagers are holding families hostage to their selfish demands. It would be easy to judge the parents of these teens as ineffective and even easier to label the kids as bad seeds, the symbols of a self-centered generation. But the truth is that even solid, Christ focused families are not immune to the turmoil created by rebellious teenagers. Every day, family counselors across the country see well-intentioned parents who are driven to their wits end by the daily struggle against their children's unmanageable behavior, desperate for a shred of hope that things can change. They also see teenagers whose lives hold great promise, but who need help navigating their way to maturity. In Toe-to-Toe with Your Teen, Dr. Jimmy Myers offers fresh hope to disheartened parents who are doubtful that they can make a difference in their teen's life. He lays out proven, specific strategies to help parents put a stop to unruly behavior, exert their God given authority and parent their teen to success.

Order on Amazon today!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sue Scheff: Google Holiday Logo's

With all the new Internet toys, gadgets, and more we can always rely on Google to bring us fresh and innovative designs. For many of us in Florida, the palm tree holiday logo feels personal. It is great the way they brought sunshine into a whisper of winter.

Times of the Internet reported today: Google is famous for their innovative logos that commemorate major events. Today is no different. Google has unveiled a number of Holiday Wishes logos that they plan on rotating for the rest of the Holiday season.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to everyone!

Remember, Twitter is also keeping up with times. Have you seen how Twitter is helping one county keep drunk driving to a minimum? Click here.

Want to see the new logo's? Watch the slideshow of logos.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sue Scheff: Central Florida Animal Pantry

Calling all animal lovers, Zach Wilson is a little boy with a huge heart! His love for animals is contagious and what a perfect time of year to spotlight this wonderful story.

On Tuesday, December 22, 2009 Zach Wilson and his goal to feed and take care of pets was featured on NBC Nightly News, Making a Difference and that he is! (Watch video).

Fourth grader Zach Wilson, along with his mother, Erica, created a food pantry for pets. Many kids his age are anxiously waiting for Santa to visit them, and there is nothing wrong with that (we were all excited little tots once), however to see this expression of generosity is nothing short of inspirational.

Zach has even bigger plans for the future, he wants to build a sanctuary for animals!

With today's economy, many people are having to cut back on expenses. Zach's mission is to help as many of them as possible so the pets don't miss their shots or in need of food. Here is Zach's dream:

We need some place that can help people keep their pets, some place that we can have the pantry, discounted veterinary care, a home for disabled and elderly animals to live out the rest of their days safely with people who love them, and can care for them, some place special.

Can you help build his dream? Learn more about Central Florida Animal Pantry and if you can help, please donate. Donations needed are not only monetary, there may be a skill you have or even office supplies! Check out their list. Central Florida Animal Pantry is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. Your donations are tax deductible.

Follow Zach and his mission on Twitter and Facebook!

Watch the video and learn more about this 9 year-old that radiates inspiration.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sue Scheff: Operation SAFE - Helping Children of Trauma

Jonathan Wilson, founder of OperationSafe, has spent over 20 years in humanitarian efforts. Currently, his latest project, OperationSafe, has been involved with helping children who have been in trauma either because of wars, natural disasters, poverty, or abuse.

OperationSAFE teaches children five important principles to emotional recovery and even survival. A proverb states “The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?” With stories, crafts, songs, and games, children learn at their level, make friends, share their experiences and regain hope. Easily run by volunteers and short-term teams, OperationSAFE frees up professional counselors to work with the most severe cases and helps to identify which children need the most help.

Follow OpSAFE on Twitter @OperationSAFE and join the forces to help children all over the world!

Watch their inspiration videos and join them on Facebook.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sue Scheff: Tomorrow's Rainbow - Helping children deal with grief

Losing a loved one is difficult. During the holiday season this loss can seem overwhelming for many adults, however can we imagine how children must feel?

Tomorrow's Rainbow is an organization and ranch located in Coconut Creek, Florida that strives to help children that have lost a parent or loved one. Their mission statement is:

Tomorrow's Rainbow is committed to guiding children and their families through the grief process. By combining miniature horse interactions with camaraderie, compassion and guidance, they will begin healing and will be led toward a more joyful future.

Tomorrow's Rainbow is a special place for children that have experienced the death of a loved one. By incorporating miniature horse interactions with therapeutic play areas and facilitated peer support, children are given the tools necessary to take their own personal grief journey in a way that is meaningful to them. Tomorrow's Rainbow is a safe place where children feel, often for the first time, understood.

The founder, Abby Mosher, knows first-hand how a loss of a loved can affect a family and especially children. Several years ago she lost her husband in a tragic car accident and her children lost their loving father. Recovering from this devastation took time and counseling. During this time, she meet an acquaintance that used miniature horses to help encourage sick children. Abby immediately thought how these same horses could help bereaved children.

She envisioned her dream and created a safe and compassionate environment with her love of animals, especially her miniature horses. Soon 10,000 Teens for Tomorrow's Rainbow will be introduced. South Florida teens are changing the way grieving children, teens and their families are supported in our community.

Do you want to find out more about Tomorrow's Rainbow or how you can help? Maybe you are interested in volunteering? Contact Abby Mosher at  and you can follow her on Twitter @AbbyMosher and watch the 2 minute video.

Tomorrow's Rainbow is guiding children back to joy....

Also read more and watch video on Examiner.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sue Scheff: Charity Gift Cards - A Perfect Gift for Many

During the holiday season many struggle with gift ideas, especially for those that either have everything or difficult to buy for. Charity Gift Cards have become a growing and successful way to not only give the gift of kindness and generosity, but allows the recipient to choose the charity of their choice.

According to MSNBC: There's a reason why gift cards are so popular this time of year - they fill a need. You don't have to worry about giving something the recipient doesn't want or need. You provide the money and they do the shopping.

Charity gift cards take this concept to the next level. You make a charitable donation but the recipient chooses which charity receives it.

"It's a meaningful gift," says Joan Barbieri of San Luis Obispo, Calif. "Everyone already has so much stuff and doesn't need any more."

Herb Weisbaum, The ConsumerMan and MSNBC Contributor, recently wrote a column about

"We don't want to get rid of gift giving," says Erik Marks, TisBest's founder. "But once people get material wealth, giving each other more stuff just doesn't make a lot of sense."

Recipients can "spend" the TisBest card at 250 national non-profits. About half are familiar names, such as the ASPCA and UNICEF. The rest are what Marks calls "unique charities" that are doing "new, exciting and innovative stuff" but are not high-visibility. These include Girls on the Run, Jacob's Pillow Dance, and the National Hospice Foundation.

This does make sense and also inspires you to get into the spirit of paying it forward and giving back!

Visit today and order your gifts that give! Also on Examiner.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sue Scheff: Messenger - Amazing story!


By Jeni Stepanek (author) with Larry Lindner (collaborator)

An inspiring look at a young man who embodied the best of human nature, touched millions, and worked tirelessly for peace-told through the eyes of the woman who raised him.

Oprah Winfrey has called him "an inspiration," Maya Angelou saw him as a kindred sprit and fellow poet, and Jimmy Carter described Mattie Stepanek as "the most remarkable person I have ever known." When Jerry Lewis received his lifetime achievement award at the Oscars, footage of Mattie played behind him. Five years after his death from a rare neuromuscular disease, Mattie is still being celebrated for his indomitable spirit and message of hope. Now the world will get to know the full story of the poet, the peacemaker, the philosopher, and New York Times bestselling author in the first book to share all of the intimate details of his incredible life.

In Messenger, Mattie's mother, Jeni Stepanek, recounts the years before Mattie got sick; how he handled the loss of his siblings from the same disease he had; his decision to spread the message of peace and hope; and how, when he became a celebrity, Jeni helped to keep him grounded, and remember to embrace being a kid. Including never-before- seen poems, journal entries, photos, and correspondence with famous friends, Messenger is an inspirational book about a life lived to the fullest.

"Not a day goes by when I don't receive e-mails and letters saying that Mattie's poetry and speeches are not enough-people want to know about him directly and intimately. I am thrilled to have joined with Dutton so that I can now tell all his fans the full story behind my son." - Jeni Stepanek

Order on Amazon today and visit for more information.

Sue Scheff: Parenting Teens - Thank You Cards

Holiday time is perfect opportunity to teach your kids and teens how to express their gratitude for the gifts they receive.

Taking the time to show how much you appreciate a gift or simply wanting to thank someone for inviting you to a holiday party you attended is a practice both adults and children should do.

Teach your child that although they don't have to write an essay, they need to be descriptive and write with excitement about the generosity someone gave them. Of course, even if you didn't care for the gift, it is not about the material item as it is about appreciation. Someone thought of you and extended a present of thoughtfulness.

Here is a quick template that could help you get your kids started. Of course you can use your own adjectives and words, but this can give you an idea. Holiday can be substituted for Christmas or Hanukkah.

Dear [ Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Friend, etc],

Thank you so much for the ___. It is [beautiful, just my size, useful, helpful, will be handy for __, perfect, exactly what I wanted, just what I needed, etc.]

Our holidays were [fun, quiet, exciting, lots of food, enjoyable, wonderful etc.]

I really appreciated your [kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, consideration, visit, etc.]

[Love, Sincerely, Much Gratitude, Cordially, Warmly, Yours, etc.]

There, wasn't that easy! So while you are out shopping for those gifts, don't for the thank you cards!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sue Scheff: Art Possibilities - Empowering Adults with Autism

Art Possibilities is a not-for-profit organization founded by Mayra Ron. She is an author, however first and foremost she is the mother of Christian Early. Mayra started this wonderful organization when she became frustrated by the lack of resources for her adult son with autism. She soon realized she was not alone.
Her mission statement:

"To create an art studio to help adults with autism and related disabilities integrate into society. Through art methodology, we will discover each student's strength, and develop that strength while at the same time modifying his or her character, self-esteem, social conduct, and providing vehicles of employment and economic sustenance for these adults. In addition, one hour of physical activity will be provided each day."

A bit about Christian:

Christian's first book as an illustrator is Can You See Me? A View of Our World by an Adult with Autism. It's the story of a shark who encounters him on the beach and through his friendly probing, manages to "see" Christian past his label and wonders why society doesn't. His paintings and cartoons are also featured in his mother's second book, Diary of a Crazy Woman: One Woman's Fight to Help her Son with Autism Find a Place in the World.

Yet it's important to recognize painting for this 25-year-old adult with autism did not come easily. Christian began his painting career at 17 with mere awkward lines.

Learn more about this wonderful organization and Christian at .

Watch the introduction video by Mayra Ron.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sue Scheff: Little Red Hoodie - Kids and Online Safety

Little Red Hoodie by Adrianna Kruse

Little Red Hoodie is a modern twist on a classic tale, which
features a tech-savvy youth, Little Red Hoodie, an online
predator, the Big Bad Wolf, and a not-so-ordinary Granny
who rides motorcycles and takes karate. This delightful
picture book teaches children and families an important life
lesson, while keeping them laughing and entertained along
the way.
Visit for more information and order from Amazon today.

Sue Scheff: Books that Give Back

Cartoonist and author, Tom Wilson, also known as Ziggy, is generously contributing 100% of his royalties to LIVESTRONG in memory of his wife, Susan. She passed away of breast cancer on November 18, 2000.

From today until Susan's birthday, January, 19, 2010 when you order any books from Health Communications, Inc. (HCI) through this affiliate link,  a percentage will be donated to LIVESTRONG.

Health Communications Inc. offers a wonderful library of self-help books, inspirational books, Memoirs and so much more. HCI is the original home of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and is now continuing their heartfelt generosity to LIVESTRONG.

I am privileged that HCI is also my publisher and able to add my books to the list that will be giving back.

Check out the slideshow for a few of the titles and explore HCI's website. Be sure to enter HCI through  to order the books. It is holiday time and books make a perfect gift for everyone! From children to grandparents, you will find the perfect title to fit your holiday list!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sue Scheff: The TurnAround Mom

The TurnAround Mom - How an Abuse and Addiction Survivor Stopped the Toxic Cycle for Her Family--and How You Can, Too!

By Carey Sipp

If you grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive, or addictive home, you are intimately familiar with violence, uncertainty, and suppressing your feelings. What you may not know, though, is how to create a sane, structured, and serene home for your own family when you never experienced these things yourself. Now you can.

Part courageous memoir, part influential how-to guide, The TurnAround Mom offers the tools you need to end the legacy of toxicity. With chilling vignettes from author Carey Sipp's own abusive past, plus the tips and techniques she used to turn her life--and thus the lives of her children--around, this stirring story will be the daily touchstone that you and your family deserve.

Carey Sipp is a parent-education advocate, an addiction and abuse survivor, and the mother of two children. Visit the author at

Order on Amazon today!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sue Scheff: Holiday Gifts of Virtual 'Presence'

Giving a "virtual presence" this holiday season.

The who:

* Help jump-start your potential college applicant/application.
* Out of work? Learn to promote your skills online.
* Professional or small business owner? Learn to own and manage your virtual image.

The why:

•53% of Americans Google each other. Pew Internet & American Life
•26% of college admissions officers use search engines to research candidates. University of Massachusetts Center for Market Research
•64% of teens say that most teens do things online that they wouldn't want their parents to know about.
•77% of executive recruiters use search engines to research applicants. CareerBuilder

The how:

Tip 1: Check out your social networking sites. If there is information or photo's on there you wouldn't share with your grandparents, chances are they shouldn't be on the Internet. Keep it clean!
Tip 2: Sign up for personal branding services. This is free. Services such as Naymz, Ziggs, LinkedIn and LookUpPage offer free online profile set-ups. Take the time to create your cyber resume. It is important to own your own name and your own background.

Tip 3: Create your own Blog. There are many free Blog sites such as Blogspot and WordPress. Take the time to let your potential college or employer see that you are enthusiastic about your interests and motivated to be all you can be. If you are a professional or business owner, let your future and current clientele see that you are up-to-date and knowledgeable about your products and services. [For example and]

Tip 4: Create Google Alerts for your name, business name and nicknames. This is free. Find out when, how and why your name is being use online. This vital for small businesses especially. If there is a disgruntled client or customer, you want to know and hopefully can rectify the situation before it gets worse.
Here are three tips that have limited fees:

Tip 5: Buy your own URL with your name. For example mine is . This can be as little as $7.99 a year through GoDaddy. Build yourself a small website and share with people surfing and researching the web about yourself.

Tip 6: Place your name. Literally you can give the gift of PLACE YOUR NAME with a professional service for as little as $49.95 one time fee. Let them position your name in the search engines, write a press release for you and more. All for one low fee.
Tip 7: Hire an online management service. Although there are many to choose from today, my personal experience is with ReputationDefender. If you know someone that is struggling with online slime, or simply needs a virtual presence or "online make-over" and doesn't have the time or the computer savvy to create their cyber image, consider giving them a gift of relief with an online management service. PS: This is also a great gift to give yourself. In my opinion and experience, Reputation Defender is the pioneer of online reputation management services and number one in my book. (I am not a paid sponsor for them and I don't receive any referral fees from them) I am simply a satisfied client. Costs vary according to your needs. Visit for their many services, as well as NameGrab, their latest addition.

Do you want more tips and practical guidance to help maintain your cyber profile? Don't forget to purchase Google Bomb, The Untold Story of the $11.3M Verdict That Changed the Way We Use the Internet (Health Communications, Inc. August 2009). This book makes the perfect gift for everyone and anyone that uses the Internet, owns a business, has a reputation to protect, applying to schools, looking for jobs and more.

No one is immune to having their Internet image ruined. So for this holiday season, give a present that gives you or the recipient a 'presence'.

Remember it can take 20 years to build up a solid reputation and today it can take 20 minutes of a few vicious keystrokes and a click of the mouse, and those 20 years are history.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sue Scheff: April Showers - Film on School Violence and Safety

Today we hear about school violence, bullying, cyber-tragedies, teens hurting teens, and more. Do we need a tragedy or the news to remind us to be nice to each other? Do we need another teen suicide to help us better understand that sticks and stones can hurt your bones, but words can also break your spirit and your bones. Emotional damage that needs to be addressed before it escalates to a bad ending.

April Showers is a film that will take you through the horrific events of a school tragedy through the eyes of a survivor. Based on actual events, this film acts as both a tool and a story to help educate parents, teachers, teens, kids and anyone working with children. This excellent film outlines how bad things can happen to good people. How no one is immune to tragedy, however everyone has an opportunity to make a difference and make their school and community a safer place.

One of the last lines in the film is, "I'm sorry, I just always thought we had more time...." Don't wait until you are saying this line. Be proactive; learn about school safety and take the time to be a friend to someone who needs one.

Your can order April Showers on Amazon, Netflix, and most places were DVD's are sold.
Learn more about School Safety Partners.
Visit the official April Showers website at and be sure to watch the trailer on Examiner and follow them on Twitter @AprilShowersMov.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sue Scheff: Trees for Troops

The Trees for Troops program donates thousands of Christmas trees to military personnel.

Trees for Troops weekend starts December 4th through December 6th.

What: Consumers can buy a tree to send to the troopsWhere: At participating farms and lots. Click here for a list (pdf). (If this link doesn't take you directly to the list, go to Charitable Programs, Trees for Troops page for FAQ and scroll down to see if there is a location near you.
Note: If there are no locations near you, you can make a donation on-line or by mail.
Why: Consumers have been asking how they can help with the Trees for Troops program

If you are in Broward County, those who purchase Christmas Trees at Calvary Chapel Sawgrass Church in Davie (1775 S. Flamingo Road) will be able to donate trees to the cause. For more information visit or call locally (754) 422-2861.

Cards That Give is another charitable organization to help others.
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