Friday, March 29, 2013

LIONS and TIGERS and TEENS: Expert advice and support for the conscientious parent just like you

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By Myrna Beth Haskell

LIONS and TIGERS and TEENS is a compilation of the best installments of Myrna Haskell’s popular, syndicated column for parents of teens, teachers, siblings, grandparents… or anyone who interacts with today’s youth. Also included are several installments that have never before been published, now available exclusively to readers of this promising new book from Unlimited Publishing LLC.

This guide is a lighthearted journey through the ups and downs of raising teenagers. But it also provides serious, practical advice, brimming with tips from dozens of experts in the field. In addition, real-life lessons from more than 100 everyday parents and teens are shared, showing you what works in practice, as well as theory. Readers are invited to submit their own “Tips & Tales” at for possible future publication.

The book covers a wide range of universal topics that parents of teenagers face, such as how to handle a teen’s first time behind the wheel; how to deal with lying; setting and enforcing curfews; and many more issues commonly faced by teens and those who care for them.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bullying Ben: How Benjamin Franklin Overcame Bullying

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By Timothy Pina and Richard Paul

Many people remember Benjamin Franklin as the man who discovered electricity. But did you know that he was bullied as a child? Yes, Ben was bullied by his older brother James. So badly in fact, that when he left home he did not return.

Benjamin Franklin overcame bullying and went on to become so successful that he is remembered as one of the greatest inventors of all time and is one of America’s founding fathers. But how did he do it? This book is a fictional and inspirational story of how Ben was able to rise above the bullying and move on to accomplish many great things.

Although we do not know exactly how Ben overcame bullying, we do know how the story ends. It is our hope that this story will help children who are victims of bullying to understand that they are not alone. Many famous people were also bullied throughout history and it can be overcome.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Sports Parenting--Kids in Sports: Character Building in Youth Sports

Sports Parenting

What is JBM Thinks?

JBM THINKS Sports parenting is about YOU. You as a parent; you as a sports parent.

They want to help you be a parent that guides your child to get the most out of his sports experience.

Sports should be more than just a game. More than wins and losses. More than stats and scholarships.

Competition provides a perfect setting for character growth.

JBM Thinks offers sound advice and resources as a parent to help other parents with kids in sports.

 3 times a week she updates her site with new posts that will give you insights and information that can help you be a better sports parent.

5 Huge Lessons Your Child will Learn from Playing Sports
Will You Let Your Kids Dream Big Like Tim Tebow?
What to do when your child says “I Quit!”

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is Your Child A Bully?

This is a fantastic short video that gets straight to the point with parents about the possibility about your child being a bully.

With all the talk of bullying prevention, what do you do if your child is the one that needs preventing? Parenting Expert Dr.  Michele Borba doles out some tough love for the bully's parents.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY: Become a Maker

What a great new website and an exciting project for young people!

What is DIY for Kids, Tweens and Teens?

DIY is a community where young people become Makers. They discover new Skills, make projects in the real world, and share their work online to inspire and learn from each other.

DIY is an online community where kids can learn skills from topics varying from Biologist to Astronomer, to Film Maker and Web Designer.

They have traveled around the U.S. and filmed some of the most prolific makers showcasing their motivations for making and sharing projects, as well as awesome stuff that they've made.

They just released a new page on their site called DIY Stories...

Check it out:

Check out their skills page and curriculum:

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Stand For...(The Things I Value)

Papersalt has done it again!

Graduation is around the corner and no matter what age your child is, this is a perfect gift!

What values have you instilled in your child?

I have been a fan of Papersalt since I received their first book.  They make perfect gifts, especially for those that are hard to buy for---but more importantly for everyone.  Why?

Because every book has a message that stimulates, inspires, or even has a sense of humor. 

What do you stand for?

Encourage.....Words or acts that give someone hope, confidence or courage

Benevolence.... Doing something just to be nice;  helping others

Cooperation.....Working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit

Dignity.... Holding a proper sense of pride and self-respect

 Papersalt has their own Amazon page now!  Order today!!!

Visit their website at for more of their fantastic books and items.

PS:  I am passing this one out at our local Rotary and Rotaract!  It is perfect and what we stand for!  Service above self!  I love Papersalt!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Challenge is On! Teen Online Safety Challenge by Microsoft

Every parent worries about their children both online and off.

Who are they talking to online?  Are they chatting with strangers?  What information are they sharing?  Does your teen or child know the boundaries?

Let’s face it, you can never be safe enough or secure enough–there is always something new to learn!
Encourage your teens to participate in The Safer Online Teen Challenge by Microsoft!

The Challenge is an interactive contest where teens can teach others how to manage their digital lifestyle by creating a song, video, skit or other original work. It’s a perfect way for teens to put their own spin on how they navigate digital safety.

Here’s how it works:

• Teens ages 13 to 18 (where applicable), select an online safety topic from either the Microsoft Safety & Security Center or the “Resources” tab of the Safer Online by Microsoft Facebook page.
• They create their work of art (using one of Microsoft’s five categories: skit/presentation, video, story/cartoon, song, survey) and submit their entry by April 12 on the Challenge website.
• Then, Microsoft’s Safer Online Facebook fans will vote to select the winners of each category. Microsoft will post the winning entries on their website and the winners will receive prizes like tablets, gaming systems and more.

Check out the prizes!