Saturday, June 29, 2013

Start a #TakeNoBullies anti-Bullying Club in Your Community

Get your friends and start an anti-bullying club today!
It's summer!  School is out however bullies and cyber bullies don't take a break just because it is summer. 

What a perfect time to encourage your teens to start an anti-bullying support group and begin educating your community about cyber bullying and bullying.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Build your team:  Start recruiting your friends, family, neighbors and even local businesses have been known to contribute in a variety of ways.  For example, SmartSign from New York has created the #TakeNoBullies campaign.  You can check them
out for stickers and pins with great slogans that help spread the message that bullying and cyber bullying will not be tolerated.

Name your club:  Selecting a name for club as a well as a mission statement is important.  You want it to reflect on what your group stands for and how you are making a difference in your community.  Browse around the Internet and review some others for ideas.  Brainstorm and you will be amazed how something will come to you.

Where:  Many local libraries welcome kids and parents to start support groups.  Your local YMCA, Girls and Boys Clubs and local churches will sometimes have areas they can offer you space to have meetings and gatherings for events.

Do your research:  Learn as much as you can about bullying and cyber bullying prevention as well as how to help those that are victims.  There are many excellent websites to gather information from.  Here are a few of my favorites:
Create a ground swell:  Make some noise!  Contact your local newspaper, TV station and radio stations.  Let your community know your club exists.  Let kids know they have a place to come and learn more about bullying and cyber bullying.  Most importantly, it is a safe place for them to come if they are being bullied.  Again, school is out, and we always encourage kids to tell their parents, but some will go to their teachers first.  Right now they don’t have a teacher.  After they tell their parents, these kids will appreciate your peer support group.  Get the news out there!
Let’s be ready for BLUE Shirt Day:  October 7, 2013 is STOMPOutBullying across America!  Starting in August, STOMP will be getting ready for their annual BLUE sea of shirts across the country.  Let’s be sure your community has a voice in that movement too — it is that important.
These are a few simple steps to get your community involved this summer.  Encourage your kids to be the difference in the lives of others.  Even if they have never been bullied – helping others feels so good.

Let’s pay it forward this summer.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Teens and Summer Camps: 30 Blogs With Tips and Resources for Parents

Choosing the right summer camp for your teens is an important task. Your teens are reaching those formative years where they are putting childish things aside and taking the first steps towards becoming young adults. As a parent, this leaves you in a bit of a predicament. There’s a fine line between fun and silliness, so choosing a summer camp that reflects their newfound maturity is difficult.

These 30 blogs will help you and your teen decide which camp is best for them.

Things to Consider
First of all, you should sit down with your teens and discuss all your options. Do your research so that you are not just randomly searching for general summer camps. Ask your teens what kind of summer camp they’re most interested in, then start narrowing your list from there. In these five blogs you will find some of the most common things to consider when choosing a summer camp for your teens.
Sports Camps
By the time your kids reach their teenage years, there’s a good chance that they’ll have an interest in a sport or two. If so, this may make choosing a summer camp much easier. Continuing sporting activities throughout the summer is the best way for your teens to improve, plus it’s healthy and fun, too! If you think your teens would get a lot out of a summer sports camp, take a look at these five blogs for some inspiration.
Camps with a Difference
During their teen years, most kids will develop an interest in a particular hobby or activity. As long as it’s healthy and safe, most parents are happy to nurture their teens’ interests. When it comes to summer camp, there’s no reason why teens shouldn’t get to continue with their passion. With that in mind, these five blogs cover some of the more unusual choices for teen summer camps.
Education Camps
Let’s face it, some teens are never happier than when they’re doing math or solving some cosmic conundrum. These kids, who value education and learning above all else, may thrive in an educational camp that encourages and applauds their inquisitive nature. For a camp that will truly challenge your teens this summer, check out the brainiacs in these five blogs.
Children with Special Needs
Children with special needs each have their own specific requirements. Parents of special needs teens obviously want them to have the best summer camp experience possible, which means finding a camp that can facilitate all their requirements. Whether your teen needs physical, emotional or mental support, you will find some great ideas for suitable summer camps in these five blogs.
Security and Insurance
No matter what your teens’ wants and needs are, their security and safety is always paramount. If you have legal, health or insurance concerns, then it is best to thoroughly vet every camp on your shortlist. These five legal-savvy blogs will help you make the right decision and ensure that your teens have a fun but safe time at summer camp.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Take 5 for Your Dreams

By Paula Grieco and Liz McHutcheon

Created especially for teen girls, Take 5 for Your Dreams provides inspiration and doable steps for living your biggest, boldest dreams starting now.

It is an engaging daily guide packed with stirring quotes, beautiful and fun photography, keep-it-real essays, life experiences from teen girls, helpful resources, and daily Take 5 (minutes) actions -- all in a visually awesome and colorful format. Topics include getting in touch with what you love like crazy, being who you really are, understanding what really matters to you, stepping outside of your comfort zone, dealing with dream "crashers" and developing real-life superpowers.

Take 5 is based on two years of research and over 100 interviews with teen girls from diverse backgrounds and circumstances across the United States. It is designed to both inspire and provide practical steps for young women to identify what they really want and take easy actions to pursue their biggest, boldest dreams. This really can’t wait until next year or after high school or college or once a young woman gets settled in her career. That’s how lives pass wholly unexamined.

At a time when young women are inundated with messages about what they should look like and how they should act, Take 5 provides a refreshing alternative with a focus on understanding what really matters to you and how to take practical actions to achieve what you really want.

If you are a teen girl or know one this book was created for you! No matter what your life circumstances today it's time to begin making your unique, never-to-be-on-this-planet-again life all it is meant to be! The world needs your 1 in 7 billion contribution!

Order on Amazon today!

Also visit the author's website: What's Your Brave.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wilderness Ventures: Teen Summer Camps

If you’re searching for traditional Teen Summer Camps or Teen Adventure Programs, you’ve come to a place where traditional turns into Exhilarating! Since 1973, Wilderness Ventures has been conducting unique Teen Summer Camps in many of the finest areas for teen summer camp activities in the world. Our teen summer camps and international adventure programs for teens combine an enriching group living experience with Outdoor Adventure and leadership skill training in a fun, non-competitive Wilderness Camp environment.

As the pioneering teen summer camp, Wilderness Ventures has been conducting adventure tours in the American West for 39 years. We conducted our first teen summer camp in 1973, visiting all of the most splendid wilderness areas in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. Today, we take great pride in running the best teen adventure camps in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and in several international destinations, including Central and South America, Europe, Australia and the South Pacific. Because of our vast teen adventure experience, our exclusive destinations, and the enviable degree of control that we have over the quality of our adventures, we are largely considered the best teen summer camp available to today's teens.

Learn more at and watch their video here.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy

By David Sheff

Addiction is a preventable, treatable disease, not a moral failing. As with other illnesses, the approaches most likely to work are based on science — not on faith, tradition, contrition, or wishful thinking.

These facts are the foundation of Clean, a myth-shattering look at drug abuse by the author of Beautiful Boy. Based on the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, and medicine, Clean is a leap beyond the traditional approaches to prevention and treatment of addiction and the mental illnesses that usually accompany it.

The existing treatment system, including Twelve Step programs and rehabs, has helped some, but it has failed to help many more, and David Sheff explains why. He spent time with scores of scientists, doctors, counselors, and addicts and their families to learn how addiction works and what can effectively treat it.

Clean offers clear, cogent counsel for parents and others who want to prevent drug problems and for addicts and their loved ones no matter what stage of the illness they’re in. But it is also a book for all of us — a powerful rethinking of the greatest public health challenge of our time.

As a side note: Beautiful Boy is still one of my favorite books and one of the most recommended books I suggest to parents of struggling teens today.  I can't wait to read Clean.

Order on Amazon today! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

20 of the Greatest Blogs with Fun and Fabulous Ideas for the Perfect Graduation Gift

Do you know someone graduating this spring?  You are probably wondering what to buy for the graduate.  Try to keep in mind what the next step is for the graduate.  Is he going on to college in the fall or out to get a job?  If he’s moving out of the house he may need items for his new place.  If he’s going job hunting he may need a suit and other dress clothes for interviews.  You may just want to get something sentimental like a personalized watch or necklace that he will always have to remember his special day. 

These 20 blogs will help you determine what the right gift might be, whether you’re buying for a guy or a girl.  You may end up just giving him money and if so you may want to check out the blog posts about unique ways to give cash.

For some reason guys can be hard to buy for.  Men like gadgets so maybe you could get him a new cell phone, a laptop for college or a tablet.  Personalized items like a stadium blanket for those games that he will inevitably go to see or cuff links so that he can look very stylish at his interviews.  These five blog entries will help you choose something for your male graduate.
Sometimes girls are easier to buy for, but only because girls like technology, fashion, travel, and cars just like the guys so there’s a wider range of things to buy.  Take a look at some of these ideas for your female graduate and see if you get any ideas.
Many items are unisex such as luggage, alarm clocks, docking stations for music as well as many other things.  These kinds of items might be good for the graduate that you aren’t too sure what they’re interests are, the last thing you want to do is to buy a gift that won’t get used.  Check out the ideas on these five blog articles and see if you can find any clues as to what you should buy.
If all else fails you can give the graduate cash, but no one want to just hand over the cash because it will be combined in a pile with other cash and pretty much forgotten.  If you want to make something unique glance through the ideas on these five blog posts because they show a bunch of different ways to give cash as a gift that will make it far more memorable.