Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Mom Pledge Blog

Take the Pledge!
Coming together to end cyber bullying and foster respect among moms. That is our mission. This is our community.

The Mom Pledge is about bloggers standing up, speaking out, and coming together to eradicate online bullying of moms by other moms. The time has come for us to take the power back and own this issue. Taking The Pledge is easy. 

All you have to do is: 

1) Read The Pledge and commit to its principles 
2) Post the Take the Pledge badge prominently on your blog 
3) Add your site to the blogroll on The Community page 
4) Write a post about what The Pledge means to you 
5) Spread the word and encourage other Mommy Bloggers to Take the Pledge!

Join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


Karen ONeill said...

Sue - I think you are onto something here. As a parent (kids now in college and HS) I have often been amazed at the relational agression between parents/moms and the undercurrent of parents being so focused on their own child and identifying so heavily with their childs' successes, that many times I felt at odds with other parents instead of feeling like I could seek advise and community from other moms. I will be interested to watch this campaign! Thank yoU!

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Hey Sue! Thank you so much for helping spread the word about our cause. I want to note we are not just for bloggers. The Mom Pledge is for any mom who spends time online. Also, our official website is


That is where your readers can find the actual verbiage of The Pledge, and take the steps needed to join our community. Our blog is where we spotlight community members and discuss the issue of cyber bullying.

Happy to connect with you via CiviliNation! :)