Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Real Girls' Guide to Everything... That Makes it AWESOME to be a Girl

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By Erin Brereton

Girls just want to have fun? Well, that’s all part of the journey of being a girl, but there is so much more that goes into becoming a well-adjusted and confident woman and a brand-new book provides helpful tips on how to get there.

Real Girls Guide to Everything…That Makes it Awesome to Be a Girlby Erin Brereton is a handbook that uses humor and everyday situations to emphasize positivity, achievement, and being a strong individual. Girls have so many pressures in today’s world and this book offers helpful tips and advice on how to combat those pressures including:
  • Advice about social media, texting, and boys
  • How to feel beautiful inside and out
  • Tips about setting and reaching goals
  • How to be confident and build self-esteem
  • Ways to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Important tips on choosing great friends and avoiding toxic friends
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