Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Summer Activities Challenge Starts Now!

Get your kids involved today!
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We’ve just kicked off our third annual Summer Activities Challenge (it’s hard to believe it’s already been three years!) and the office is buzzing with excitement. And apparently we’re not the only ones. It’s been less than two weeks, and already 1,200 families are signed up and over 500 activities have been completed!

The Summer Activities Challenge is a wonderful way to fill those dog days of summer in an educational (but mostly FUN!) way. Plus, your family has the chance to take home our grand prize, a $500 Back to School Splurge, or one of ten Indoor/Outdoor Kids’ Croquet Sets (an A+ Award-winner!).  

Check out the rave reviews some participating families gave the Winter Activities Challenge:

“The Winter Activities Challenge was so much fun - I’ve always seen the ‘Activities’ tab on your website but have never tried any. This challenge helped us take the plunge & it was a blast!” -Katherine H

“Thank you for the opportunity of doing the challenges with our first grader.  She is living with us as a foster child, and before coming to live with us, never had the use of a computer outside of school.  Even though the last challenge was a little difficult for her, she really enjoyed all of them.  We made them out to be games, and she looked forward to them as fun times.” -Lorry M 

“Thanks so much – The Challenge saved us over our extended snow day ‘vacation’!” -Gina D

Completing the Summer Activities Challenge isn’t just a fun way to win cool prizes! It can serve a functional purpose, too. Looking for ways to keep kids busy during your family’s Fourth of July party? Try making these awesome Patriotic Pinwheels or these festive Stars and Stripes Planters. Want to spruce up your house with patriotic décor? Try these red, white and blue Picnic Caddys or Folded Paper Star Garlands.

Whew… so much Fourth of July crafting, so little time! 

Ready to get started? 

Sign up here, complete five activities by July 31st, and you’ll be officially in the running to win.

Happy painting, exploring, crafting, sculpting, drawing, experimenting, and discovering!

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