Sunday, June 19, 2011

SoBe Sober: Underage Drinking Prevention

SoBe Sober is an Underage Drinking Prevention initiative helping the students of today live to become the healthy and productive adults of tomorrow by educating them on the dangers and effects of underage drinking.
In partnership with D-FY-IT, a local non-profit organization, this campaign is designed to combat underage drinking among Miami Dade and Broward County students through education, outreach and celebrity sponsorship endorsement programs.

The SoBe Sober program is being implemented under the leadership of Barbara Zohlman, Executive Director of D-FY-IT, a Miami-based non-profit that has developed many effective, award-winning programs aimed at both middle- and high-school-level students to alert them to the dangers of underage drinking.

SoBe Sober's multi media outreach uses public service advertising and peer to peer communication to encourage students to pursue a healthy, productive, alcohol free life style during Spring Break and throughout the year.
This website contains information for parents and friends to share in an effort to keep our young people safe from this public health hazard. We encourage you to review this information and make your commitment to help young friends and relatives follow a healthy, alcohol free life style.

This year, SoBe Sober is proud to have its first title sponsor, Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc. join us in educating students on the alternatives to illegal underage drinking and wants to thank Southern for their support and partnership.

Visit their website to learn more.

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