Saturday, June 25, 2011

Predator Down

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By Marco Cota

Sex abuse prevention Tactics. FBI hunts serial killer dubbed the acid rapist in this real life effort to put the predator instinct down. Mark Johnson is released from prison for serving a sentence of sex abuse against his young daughter. While visiting friends, Jeremy and Paula Curtis, he injures their daughter, Jerica, in a freak accident in which acid dissolves her fingers.

Out of guilt they protect Mark's identity from the authorities giving him assurance of his safety. As he flees the law he begins a gradual descent into the Hell of becoming a serial killer rapist with a foolproof means to dispose of his victims.

By masking his increasingly bizarre ritual violations and murders behind the respectability of being a business owner, Mark analyzes his slavish devotion to the god that impels him, accepting that he is permanently beyond salvation. His only remaining tie to sanity comes from his periodic visits to Angela in La Paz, Mexico. During these trysts with Angie, unknown to him initially she reveals that she is a victim of child sex abuse from her father. Mark comes to realize that his hatred originated with the sexual abuse he received from his stepmother. He now forms a plan of appeasement costing life. His sojourn into Hell does not go unnoticed, Detectives Rainy and Worthy are assigned to this "Acid Rapist" case, one they pursue with obsessive zeal.

The detectives, not knowing who Marks is, opens another revelation of this criminal mind; he is unable to resist taunting the lawmakers. Johnson engages in a battle of wits with Rainy, Worthy and FBI agent Ryan. It shows how the legal system struggles with this unprecedented evil. The book also reveals that such behavior does in fact emanate from very rational people.

Predator Down further approaches the subject realistically and therapeutically. Realistic conversation takes place between Johnson and his counselor. Non-fiction Interludes are throughout the book to heighten reader self awareness. Astounding new research is revealed from foriegn universities and other accredited sources. Predator Down is both a thriller and compelling informational that gives answers we so desperately need to prevent sex abuse.

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