Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Take 5 for Your Dreams

By Paula Grieco and Liz McHutcheon

Created especially for teen girls, Take 5 for Your Dreams provides inspiration and doable steps for living your biggest, boldest dreams starting now.

It is an engaging daily guide packed with stirring quotes, beautiful and fun photography, keep-it-real essays, life experiences from teen girls, helpful resources, and daily Take 5 (minutes) actions -- all in a visually awesome and colorful format. Topics include getting in touch with what you love like crazy, being who you really are, understanding what really matters to you, stepping outside of your comfort zone, dealing with dream "crashers" and developing real-life superpowers.

Take 5 is based on two years of research and over 100 interviews with teen girls from diverse backgrounds and circumstances across the United States. It is designed to both inspire and provide practical steps for young women to identify what they really want and take easy actions to pursue their biggest, boldest dreams. This really can’t wait until next year or after high school or college or once a young woman gets settled in her career. That’s how lives pass wholly unexamined.

At a time when young women are inundated with messages about what they should look like and how they should act, Take 5 provides a refreshing alternative with a focus on understanding what really matters to you and how to take practical actions to achieve what you really want.

If you are a teen girl or know one this book was created for you! No matter what your life circumstances today it's time to begin making your unique, never-to-be-on-this-planet-again life all it is meant to be! The world needs your 1 in 7 billion contribution!

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Also visit the author's website: What's Your Brave.

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