Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Brave....for those hurt by another

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“Every single person on the planet has to be brave at least once in their life, no matter who they are, how old they are, or how strong they are.  Being brave is about having the courage to do the best thing, even when it’s hard and especially when you’re scared to do it."  from 'Be Brave'.

‘Be Brave’ is a book of encouragement, understanding, learning to trust and bravery.  The book explains to readers (suggested ages 8 yrs +) that if they have been hurt by another person at some time in their lives, they may experience a wide range of thoughts, emotions and behaviours that can be very difficult to manage.  The book explains that although these reactions maybe scary, they are normal when someone has been hurt this way. 

Using simple language and concepts, children (and adults) are able to relate to the thoughts, feelings and emotions being described.  ‘Be Brave’ doesn’t specify the trauma type thus allowing the reader to apply their own feelings and reactions to the text and their particular set of circumstances. 

‘Be Brave’ speaks to the reader directly as they consciously and unconsciously apply their own experiences to the narrative.  Readers see themselves being described in the text and become more aware of some of their own emotions and behaviours that have resulted from experiences where they have been hurt.  The book then directly applies understanding to their situation and helps them to realise that although it takes a lot of courage to seek help, they can do it if they are brave enough. This is the central message. 

Obviously, there are many different ways to get help in a given situation, so ‘Be Brave’ assists the reader by helping them understand that there are various avenues for them to take to find the help they need and at the same time as encouraging them to do this, applies constant understanding and empathy for the reader’s individual situation.

‘Be Brave’ is a very unique book and should be in the hands of every child, parent, teacher, carer and school counsellor, as well as children's mentors, therapists, psychologists and medical professionals.  It is also beautifully and sensitively illustrated by Kat Chadwick.

“This book has the potential to empower many people, both children and adults, to finally disclose secrets that may have paralysed them for years and allow them to start on their own journey of healing and recovery. Highly recommended” - Anne Macdonald, Clinical Psychologist

For more information visit www.bebravebook.com and for sales inquiries please contact the publisher Jojo Publishing www.jojopublishing.com

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