Thursday, June 20, 2013

Teens and Summer Camps: 30 Blogs With Tips and Resources for Parents

Choosing the right summer camp for your teens is an important task. Your teens are reaching those formative years where they are putting childish things aside and taking the first steps towards becoming young adults. As a parent, this leaves you in a bit of a predicament. There’s a fine line between fun and silliness, so choosing a summer camp that reflects their newfound maturity is difficult.

These 30 blogs will help you and your teen decide which camp is best for them.

Things to Consider
First of all, you should sit down with your teens and discuss all your options. Do your research so that you are not just randomly searching for general summer camps. Ask your teens what kind of summer camp they’re most interested in, then start narrowing your list from there. In these five blogs you will find some of the most common things to consider when choosing a summer camp for your teens.
Sports Camps
By the time your kids reach their teenage years, there’s a good chance that they’ll have an interest in a sport or two. If so, this may make choosing a summer camp much easier. Continuing sporting activities throughout the summer is the best way for your teens to improve, plus it’s healthy and fun, too! If you think your teens would get a lot out of a summer sports camp, take a look at these five blogs for some inspiration.
Camps with a Difference
During their teen years, most kids will develop an interest in a particular hobby or activity. As long as it’s healthy and safe, most parents are happy to nurture their teens’ interests. When it comes to summer camp, there’s no reason why teens shouldn’t get to continue with their passion. With that in mind, these five blogs cover some of the more unusual choices for teen summer camps.
Education Camps
Let’s face it, some teens are never happier than when they’re doing math or solving some cosmic conundrum. These kids, who value education and learning above all else, may thrive in an educational camp that encourages and applauds their inquisitive nature. For a camp that will truly challenge your teens this summer, check out the brainiacs in these five blogs.
Children with Special Needs
Children with special needs each have their own specific requirements. Parents of special needs teens obviously want them to have the best summer camp experience possible, which means finding a camp that can facilitate all their requirements. Whether your teen needs physical, emotional or mental support, you will find some great ideas for suitable summer camps in these five blogs.
Security and Insurance
No matter what your teens’ wants and needs are, their security and safety is always paramount. If you have legal, health or insurance concerns, then it is best to thoroughly vet every camp on your shortlist. These five legal-savvy blogs will help you make the right decision and ensure that your teens have a fun but safe time at summer camp.

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