Friday, August 6, 2010

Sue Scheff: UPROAR - Learn about Huffing and Your Kids

Inhalants.  They have been in the news and on the teen scene for years now; as a matter of fact, it was reported that there has been a 158% increase in the use of  huffing refrigerant in teenagers.
Most parents will continue to say, 'not my teen', however how do you really know it isn't your teen?

Just ask Mona Casey in Coral Springs, she lost her son 15 year-old Charles Gray just before his 16th birthday, when he inhaled refrigerant.  Especially in Florida, air conditioning refrigerant is prevalent, it is also deadly.  Watch video to see how dangerous it can be.

Throughout her grief, Mona Casey founded a group, United Parents to Restrict Open Access to Refrigerant, (UPROAR).  Huffing chemicals such as refrigerant can result in death on the first use. This is a risk we cannot afford to take with our children. One of the goals of UPROAR is to propose solutions to lawmakers and governing bodies to address this problem.

What is inhalant use?

Inhalant use refers to the intentional breathing of gas or vapors with the purpose of reaching a high. Inhalants are legal, everyday products which have a useful purpose, but can be misused. You're probably familiar with many of these substances -- paint, glue and others. But you probably don't know that there are more than 1,000 products that are very dangerous when inhaled -- things like typewriter correction fluid, air-conditioning refrigerant, felt tip markers, spray paint, air freshener, butane and even cooking spray. See Products Abused as Inhalants for more details.

It is time parents stop being ignorant to the fact teens and tweens don't understand the dangers of huffing.  Kids as young as 11 years-old are huffing and dying Watch video.

Talk to your kids today!  School will be opening, peer pressure will be starting, school hallways are full of kids trying to fit in and be cool.  Will they take it a step further fit in with a sniff?

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Be an educated parent, you can save a life!

Watch video and read more.

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