Saturday, August 21, 2010

Problem Teens, Struggling Teens, Defiant Teens: Back to School Diasters

As school starts, many parents reach their wit's end.  Whether your teen is an underachiever, experimenting with drugs more than "typical teen" or making some very poor choices, you may find yourself considering residential therapy.

This is not shipping them off - this is about giving them a second opportunity at a bright future.

How much defiance can you tolerate?
How many times will you catch your teen smoking pot? Drinking?
How many times will you have to tell your teen that their curfew is XYZ?

Who are they hanging out with?  As a parent, it is easy to fall into the trap that it is the friend and not your child, but remember - it is your child making these choices.

If you find yourself cornered and need assistance with teen help programs, visit for more information. You will soon learn the sticker shock and the big business of teen help.  Be an educated parent - get guidance from PURE.

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