Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sue Scheff: TIME TO ACT! Drug Free America

TIME TO ACT! is a first-of-its kind online help resource for parents and caregivers who suspect or know their child is experimenting, using or has a problem with alcohol or drugs.

Discovering that a teen is using drugs or alcohol can be a scary experience for parents — many feel alone, ashamed, and confused about what to do next. The Partnership believes that no parent should go through this alone, without guidance from experts and other parents.

Time To Act! was created to ensure that every parent has free access, on their own terms, to the most current research-based information on how to help their child — and their family — take the next steps. It is the only site of its kind designed to address parents in an active state of concern about how to help their child, whether they’ve used once or have a known drug or alcohol problem.

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