Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sue Scheff: CyberTipline - To Prevent and Protect Cyber Crimes Against Children

You have heard this many times, think before you postUnfortunately many children and teens do not understand the consequences of this, and before you know it, an innocent photo has not only gone viral, it has been manipulated to hurt or embarrass that person.  It can be considered another form of bullying.

CyberTipline was created to help you and your children to easily report crimes against children.  Their fact sheet has a vast amount of information for you to learn about how to report and determine crimes.

Launched in March of 1998, the CyberTipline offers a means of reporting incidents of child sexual exploitation including the possession, manufacture, and/or distribution of child pornography; online enticement; child prostitution; child sex tourism; extra-familial child sexual molestation; unsolicited obscene material sent to a child; and misleading domain names, words, or digital images. The CyberTipline is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What to report:

  • Anyone you don't know who asks you for personal information, photos or videos.
  • Unsolicited obscene material from people or companies you don't know.
  • Misleading URLs on the Internet that point you to sites containing harmful materials rather than what you were looking for.
  • Anyone who wants to send you photos or videos containing obscene content of individuals 18 and younger. (The possession, manufacturing, or distributing of child pornography is illegal.)
  • Online enticement for offline sexual activities. (No one should be making sexual invitations to you online – and it’s an especially serious crime for adults to do it.)
Remember, your kids  could be one click away from the murky waters of the web!  Learn prevention and protection today.  Be noisy and be curious, you could save a life virtually!

Learn more on www.cybertipline.com.

Be an educated parent, you will have safer teens and children!

Read more and watch video.

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