Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sue Scheff: TEENTRAKKER - Reduce the Risk of Teen Driving

TMG SYSTEMS, LLC unveiled TEENTRAKKER at the National PTA Convention in Memphis Tennessee. TEENTRAKKER is a state of the art Global Positioning Satellite tracking solution for parents who want to promote teen driver safety. By using this palm-sized and cost efficient device, parents can now experience more safety and security while exercising better control over the whereabouts of their teenager’s vehicle. This easy “plug and play” interface GPS vehicle-tracking system is complete with a variety of features including real-time vehicle tracking, digital mapping, speed alerts, and active boundary notification. Data is immediately relayed in real time to the cell phone via text message and/or available on the teen’s parents’ computer.

TEENTRAKKER was received with overwhelming support by the fifteen hundred plus attendees of the convention. Many PTA executives and delegates requested TEENTRAKKER representatives to be guest speakers at their respective schools, and join parent “open house” discussions and workshops to address the epidemic-like problem regarding the risks of teen driver safety. Over five thousand teens are tragically killed each year in the United States as a result of car accidents and over a half a million seriously injured.

With the highly successful launch at the National PTA Convention, TEENTRAKKER and its’ executive leadership will be attending numerous State PTA Conventions throughout the summer and into the upcoming school year. “The staggering statistics are too enormous to ignore. We must be vigilant in assisting parents by continuing to provide the latest data pertaining to the high risks associated with new driver behavior and abilities,” stated Joel Magaziner, Founder and CEO of TEENTRAKKER. “We believe, along with the PTA, TEENTRAKKER will help create a more responsible and dependable driver.”

To learn more about TEENTRAKKER, and how you can help, visit TEENTRAKKER at www.teentrakker.com or email at info@teentrakker.com.

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