Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sue Scheff: Sorry!

By Trudy Ludwig
Illustrations by Maurie J. Manning

Have you noticed how apologizing has become almost a lost art these days? A great number of adults lately (not kids!) seem to have forgotten how–from government officials to movie stars to plagarizing authors to “poor-sport” athletes. And if the offender does give an apology, notice how it often sounds insincere?

How are kids going to learn this great skill unless we model it ourselves?

Rarely do children’s books model for young readers personal accountability and responsibility the way Sorry! does. Trudy’s thoughtful, one-of-a-kind story on the power of apology shows how a child can take ownership of a hurtful behavior and then right his or her wrong.

The story also offers invaluable life lessons on empathy and compassion to children (and adults) alike. Trudy’s story helps kids see from the other side — how their actions were hurtful and why they should make amends.

Pick up a copy! Use it in your classroom, Boys and Girls Club, or with your kids at home. It’s one of those perfect books you want to keep on your shelf for the perfect moment.

Review by Michele Borba, Parenting Expert

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