Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raising Cyberethical Kids: How a Family Acceptable Use Policy Can Help

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By Frederick S. Lane

In an era when 2-year-olds routinely use iPads and nearly every high school student carries a cell phone, the need to teach our children cyberethics has never been greater. In "Raising Cyberethical Kids," author and attorney Frederick S. Lane explains how a Family Acceptable Use Policy can reinforce your household values and educate your children on how to avoid the risks of online misbehavior.

As virtually every parent realizes, the combination of electronic devices and the Internet has proven nearly irresistible to children of every age. Increasingly, however, parents are wakening to the fact that those same wonderful resources can pose significant risks to the academic and professional careers of their children. In some extreme instances, online misbehavior can even result in civil litigation or criminal prosecution.

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