Friday, January 13, 2012

The Humanist Approach to Happiness

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The Humanist Approach to Happiness was written as a way to encourage young people to think about and discuss their personal ethics and values in the context of every day decision making. In other words, how can they be the best most ethical person they can be. 

How can and why should they be ethical with their friends? What values should they be considering when they are deciding whether or not to try drugs and to drink alcohol? How and why should we be ethical while dating, and breaking up? How can we apply our values to ourselves when we are grieving? And most importantly, why all this matters.

The best way to use this book is to read a chapter and discuss it's contents with your child. What do you agree with? What advice do you disagree with and why? The best way to prepare your child to think through ethical dilemnas on their own is to encourage them to think for themselves by asking them questions and playing devil's advocate with them. Remember, you and your child don't have to agree with what is in the book. It is only a starting point for your discussions about how you as their parent have chosen to live your life and how your child might want to start thinking about how they want to live theirs. 

The overarching theme of the book is that your actions have consequences, so choose your actions wisely. The primary question you and your child should be asking is, what do I think the consequences of my actions will be in any given situation and do I want that consequence or not? What could I do different to get a better outcome?

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