Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Dr. Wes: Real Life Advice for Teens

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This is a unique book of advice and commentary for teenagers, co-written by teenagers. It combines Dr. Wes Crenshaw’s nineteen years of clinical experience as a board certified family psychologist with the natural wisdom and empathy of eight really sharp sixteen- to eighteen-year-olds, each of whom spent a year writing for the Double Take advice column.

Though humorous and entertaining in tone, the book offers serious, honest and practical advice on real world issues including: sex, contraception, pregnancy, sexual identity, mental health, cutting, falling in love, breaking up, friendship, divorce, the future, conflict with parents, teen technology, suicide, foster care, school success and failure, fear and hope, and all the other issues you wake up and face each day in the middle and high school years. Most of the advice was written in response to letters sent to ask, many written by teenagers themselves.

The rest were written on topics selected by the authors based on teen trends and current events. In addition to specific suggestions on each problem, the authors share their thoughts on how the world influences your generation, and vice versa.  Order this book today on Amazon.

Be sure to have your parents check out: Dear Dr. Wes: Real Life Advice for Parents of Teens.

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