Monday, August 15, 2011

The Supportive Foster Parent: "Be there for me"

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By Dr. Kalyani Gopal

This is a parenting book written in What to Expect style in a user-friendly, honest manner to tackle day to day problems in raising foster children, adoptive children, step-children, grandchildren...for anyone who is raising someone else's child.

The author uses 25 years of experience of working with over 30,000 foster families to teach techniques and parenting solutions in clear and simple ways to solve day to day problems.

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"This book really helped me. I have learned how to deal with different types of to show love when punishing, all the support systems that are available and so on.."  Ms. Yinga, first time foster mother
--Foster Parents

"I enjoyed reading about anxiety, what I should do and how and what to expect. I understand clearly that children will love their parents NO MATTER WHAT." 
LaDonna Baker, Foster mother
--Foster Parent

"As a foster parent for the past 9 years I was moved and felt very understood by your book.  The advice given will make positive changes for many of "our" children." Thank you!
--Mary Jane Nowdowski, Foster Parent

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