Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boost UP! Keeping Teens in School

How can we keep students in school? Research suggests that one of the most important things is to keep them engaged in a safe, supportive environment.

What can you do to help engage students in their communities and create a safe and supportive environment? Offer a few words of encouragement. Become a mentor. Volunteer with a local youth service organization. Coach a team. Whatever you do, you’ll have a profound impact on a student’s ability and desire to stay in school and graduate.

Why students drop out of school:

There’s no single reason.

Students drop out of school for a number of different reasons—and it’s typically a combination of many issues. Here are some of the top reasons students give for leaving school:
  • Classes aren’t interesting
  • Parents/family/adults have low expectations
  • Poor attendance
  • Failing in school
  • Family responsibilities (work, caring for siblings, etc.)
  • Becoming a parent
  • Too much freedom 
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