Monday, August 1, 2011

3V Learning

What is 3V Learning?
  • We are a distance learning provider.
  • We are your hub for high-quality training modules.
  • We are entirely computer based.
  • We are the new standard in distance learning.
  • We are eager to discuss your training needs.
  • We are excited about customer service.
  • We are growing.
  • We are 3V.
3V Learning was born out of a perceived need. L. Craig Turner, founder and President of 3V as well as CEO of Correctional Services Incorporated, for years searched for an effective solution to the need for relevant and time sensitive training for his staffs and associates. Also an education advocate, his search turned to the distance learning community and the opportunities it afforded for instant access to relevant training online. With this discovery, Craig saw too an opportunity to greatly improve and enhance the distance learning experience for users. Today, not only are his employees at CSI reaping the benefits of this style of training, 3V Learning has discovered its broad niche in the education community and is proudly bringing this powerful new training style to a diverse and growing audience.
The following individuals and/or groups have been retained to serve as 3V Learning’s Development and Review Team. Each course we offer as part of our curriculum has been subjected to a meticulous process of research and review by individuals with long histories and qualifications in fields related to the subject matter. We have great confidence in offering courses backed by the collective credentials of these groups or individuals, in the quality of information and training made available through them. If you have any questions or comments for any members of our team, please feel free to direct your inquiries to the team’s email inbox here.

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