Sunday, February 6, 2011

Summer Employment, the time is now to apply

Start your applications today!
Is your teenager ready to get a job this summer?

The time is now to get your applications in and schedule your interviews.  Summer camp is a tradition for many families.  Whether you are involved in day camp programs or sleep away camps, it is a great time to make new friends and have lots of fun.

Part of that fun is generated by the staff of the camps.  Have you considered working at a summer camp?  What activities are your favorite?  Find a camp that has your interests and you may find your dream summer job.

Since 1999, MySummers has proved to be a great resource for applicants looking to work at a summer camp. Working as a camp counselor and watching the kids have fun is very rewarding. Campers always remember their counselors, and the impact that each counselor has had on their lives. For future teachers, camp jobs are a great way to gain experience working with and living with children.

To get started, sign up for MySummers and find out what jobs are open throughout the East Coast. Applicants must be 18 years or older by August 1st and a High School graduate.  Some teen programs go into different countries; Canada, Europe, Australia, Central America, the Caribbean & Virgin Islands, and more.  What an opportunity!

Michael R. from St. Augustine remembers his camp days as a counselor, "It was definitely one of the best summers jobs I had," he continues, "and helped me with my decision to go into education in college."
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