Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prom Dress Give-Away: Rosie True Helping Their Community

It's all about the dress!  
Or is it?

High school prom is a time that many teenage girls have waited a lifetime for.
  • Will that special boy ask them to go? 
  • Will they go with a group of friends?
  • What will they wear?
  • Who will do their hair and make-up?
One business owner in Jacksonville Beach, Angie Sparks, decided to donate 10 prom dresses to local high school students through a contest.  According to First Coast News, Angie Sparks said it was always her dream to open up a boutique. Now, she has two shops: Rosie True in Riverside and in Jacksonville Beach.
How does the contest work?

Do you know a friend, student, sister, coworker or yourself, etc. who needs us. This is about a special pick me up for someone you care about; it’s about lifting a girl up for a day and creating confidence, joy and memories! Maybe she doesn’t have the opportunity to get a prom outfit on her own; maybe she’s unsure what to choose because she doesn’t feel good about herself.

Here’s where you come in! Help a sister out! NOMINATE and WIN!
Fill out the form completely and remember the essay is the most important part. We LOVE your great stories. - Rosie's True Dream Team

Learn more about the contest rules here and watch the video.

May all your dreams come Rosie True!


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