Sunday, November 28, 2010

Knit for Kids 2010

Knit for Kids is a global organization created by Guideposts.  As the holidays are here, times are tough in many areas and in many households, however when you give to others it can warm your heart and build your own family bond.

Knitting may seem old-fashioned to some teens, but isn't it a great opportunity to learn when you know you will be helping keep a needy child warm?  Many grandparents and parents have been knitting for generations - let's start this tradition now in your family.

Since 1996, when Guideposts Knit for Kids began, the program has grown beyond anyones imagining because of dedication and creativity. Thanks to many, some kids for the first time in their lives have had something new; for others, the sweaters are cherished hand-me-downs.

A “million smiles”, that’s a conservative estimate of how many people have been touched with joy by these gifts: the children who have received them directly or as a hand-me-down, their parents or guardians, and needleworkers like you who found your lives changed as you created these treasures with heart and hands.
Start your family tradition today through stitches of love.  Whether you are in Clay, Duval or St. Johns County, download the simple knitting patterns here and share them with your friends and family.

Do you prefer to crochet?  Click here for the pattern.

Get your teens involved today.  To learn more about Knit for Kids and where to send your sweaters, click here.

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