Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Host Exploit: Get in the know techically, you and your family will be safer

HostExploit.com is a focal point for open source resource research, publication and creating awareness of Cyber crime activity. The focus is on Internet hosts, registrars, and the delivery of crime ware. It was designed to provide a holistic approach to the study of Cyber crime, integrating research from various sources of expertise; anti-spam, Malware, botnet, cyberwarfare, organizational analysis, and organized crime. The concept is unique in that the output so far has been detailed research reports, which are highly graphic and aimed at a general readership. The reports have been of considerable use in provision of well researched community information for technical and non-technical journalists, bloggers, security analysts, academics, law enforcement, and the wider Internet community, to primarily provide awareness.  
HostExploit is an open organization of international volunteers, created as an open source resource for those who wish to reduce and prevent Cyber crime, its effects and causes, and assist in wider awareness and education. This way CERTS, law enforcement, governmental agencies and the wider concerned Internet user are better informed.

One of their latest articles, Teens, Parents and the Wild Wild Web featuring Cati Grant.

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