Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taylor's Closet: Making a Difference

In 2005, Ft. Lauderdale teen, Lindsey Giambattista founded Taylor's Closet, an organization, which is named after her twin sister that died at birth.  Taylor's Closet provides clothing to needy children throughout the world.

About Taylor's Closet:

Taylor’s Closet had its first outreach in early December, 2005. We set up a mini “shop” on the salon-deck of a large yacht in the Pompano Beach Holiday Boat Parade and invited girls from local foster care programs to come by and shop. There were some 30 girls on the cruise that night who were blessed with new clothes, and a handful of parents, kids and program administrators who got to see the love of Christ in action as well.

Since then we’ve seen God bless this ministry in some huge and wonderful ways. In December of 2006, we opened our first permanent “store” for foster girls. Several local businesses have put aside their business agendas to come alongside and help out. One in particular, RCC, designed and paid for the cost to build the store. We’ve had clothing donations from all over the world. - Taylor's Closet

As the holiday time approaches, it is time for you and your family to go through your closets and take up a collection to help those that truly need your generosity.  As the weather is getting cooler, even in South Florida, we need to take the time to be grateful for what we have and consider giving what we really don't need.

What happens in Taylor’s Closet is remarkable. Girls who have been abused, injured or who are just basically suffering from a lifetime of hopelessness, come in to our store and find out that someone cares – that all these beautiful new, designer clothes are there for them – completely free.

When Lindsey was asked in an interview by I Heart Dailey:

How can people help with TC?  Buy our products! We just launched a TC merch line. Go check it out. It’s really cute, and every penny goes to making girls in need feel beautiful!

Created by a teen with a dream, Taylor's Closet has proven to help thousands of children throughout the world.  Lindsey is truly a teen that inspires.  Learn more at Watch video on sidebar.

Get your teen involved today!  Giving feels so good, encourage your kids to pay it forward!

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