Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sue Scheff: Thats Not Cool

Your cell phone, IM, and social networks are all a digital extension of who you are. When someone you're with pressures you or disrespects you in those places, that's not cool.


Recognizing Abuse?
Not sure if a situation is abusive or not?
Ask yourself if your boyfriend or girlfriend:

is overly jealous or possessive?
puts you down or criticizes you?
threatens or scares you?
hits, slaps, pushes, or kicks you?
controls where you go, what you wear, or what you do?
tries to stop you from seeing or talking to friends and family?
tries to force you to have sex?

What Can You Do...If you're being abused?

Call the police if you are in danger and seek medical attention if you are hurt.
You are not alone and the abuse is not your fault.
Talk with somebody you trust: a friend or relative, someone from school or your community.
Think independently. Remember that you are the expert about your own life. Don't let anyone talk you into doing something that's not right for you.
Have a safety plan in the event you are abused again.

Here are some tips.

Find out more about being a Tech Savvy Teen

If you think you're being abusive?
Know that there are people and organizations that are equipped to help you.
If you truly care for someone, you will not allow him or her to be abused, by you or anyone else.
Talk to someone you trust, like a close friend, family member, or someone you respect, like a teacher or counselor at school. Ask his/her honest opinion about your behavior.

If your friend is being abused?

If necessary, help your friend get medical attention. Encourage your friend to contact a professional or an adult they trust for help.
Offer your unconditional friendship and support. Be clear that you are there to listen, and not to judge.
Tell your friend it's not his/her fault.
Don't spread gossip. This could make your friend's situation more dangerous.
Don't try to confront the abuser or rush your friend into a decision he/she isn't comfortable with.

If your friend is abusive?

Visit for advice and answers to the above concerns.

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