Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sue Scheff: Teen Moms - 16 and Pregnant

Parenting today can be one of the most difficult jobs any adult will have. "Adult" being the operative word, when a teenager has a child it can be even more stressful and complicated.

16 and Pregnant, which airs on MTV and is hosted by Dr. Drew, will give you a birds-eye view of teenagers having babies. From deciding on whether to keep the baby, to giving birth, 16 and Pregnant will take you inside the lives of girls living through the difficult process being pregnant and having a baby.

In 16 and Pregnant, you will see a variety of girls with a variety of decisions. What works best for them, and what is best for their child. Will the father be involved, or does he want to be involved?

These teens learn that being pregnant means having to grow up very fast. The new challenges they face, the financial responsibilities compounded with the emotional roller coaster ride of having a baby and still being a child (teen).

What about school? What choices will they make? 16 and Pregnant will take you through the lives of several young teens and definitely can be an eye-opener to those that believe that having a baby is easy. From going out to party to growing up real fast, being pregnant is a responsibility that is not easy.

These are expecting teens experiencing the consequences of unprotected sex and learning about the unexpected challenges of being pregnant raising a baby.

Be an educated parent, talk to your teens about sex. Talk to your kids period.

Watch the trailer and read more on Examiner.

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