Friday, February 26, 2010

Sue Scheff: Florida Gang Reduction

Florida Gang Reduction organization was formed to help reduce gangs in Florida. This Strategy outlines a comprehensive plan for communities to develop specific solutions to dramatically reduce gang membership and gang-related activities by:

  • Empowering youth to lead productive gang-free lives;
  • Improving law enforcement suppression efforts; and,
  • Addressing rehabilitation and re-entry issues.
The Strategy calls for the formation of seven Gang Reduction Task Forces throughout the state of Florida.

The prevalence of gangs and gang-related violence in Florida is a growing threat to the safety and security of all Floridians. Law enforcement alone cannot stop the threats to public safety brought about by gang violence. In order to achieve real impact in the reduction and deterrence of gang-related crime and violence, targeted response must involve the active engagement of local and state leaders from the faith-based community, education, prevention and intervention organizations, the business community, criminal justice, government, and other concerned citizens.

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