Friday, June 5, 2009

Sue Scheff: Parenting Dad By Lance D. Shaw

Creatively Influencing Leadership Values

How do you teach children to become effective leaders and good parents in the future? Make them the Mom or Dad of the house!

Divorced parent Lance D. Shaw proposes a radical and creative way of bringing up kids to become effective leaders, which he eagerly shares in this greatly informative book, Parenting Dad (&/or Mom).

While in the thick of dealing with the child custody concerns of divorce, Shaw discovers a way of teaching his two kids to become responsible good leaders elect them to become the parent!
He saw this as the perfect way to train his children's creativity, initiative, use of judgment and decision-making skills, all the while following his belief that learning and influence between parent and child should be a two-way street.

Harnessing his insights from working as an engineer and a businessman, Shaw came up with this innovative idea to help prepare his kids to be ready and equipped in pursuing their futures by designing and installing shock absorbers, as he puts it, for the unavoidable rough spots that comes with having only one parent at home.

Shaw shares their fun and valuable experiences during their idea safaris, which involved creativity dividends, reward systems and other incentive-driven strategies that motivated his children to be game for anything he threw at them. As Shaw happily shares, his unconventional methods have helped his kids develop the crucial abilities of a leader something parents can now do through this book.
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