Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sue Scheff: The-Shutdown Learner

One of the worst feelings a child can have is being discouraged in school. The sense of hopelessness that pervades can become almost insurmountable. This is the emotional experience for the child called the “Shut-Down Learner.” The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child, describes a common, but poorly understood constellation of characteristics. Referred to in the text as "Lego kids" or "high spatial children," such kids thrive with hands-on tasks that "load" on visual and spatial abilities. They excel in so many areas, yet when it comes to the core skills necessary for success in school, they are often quite lacking. This leads to the “Shut-Down Learner,” a child who is discouraged and disconnected relative to school. As a result, parents do not know what to do. They become tense, frustrated, and frantic, feelings of which are conveyed to the child.

I am looking forward to reading this book this summer. To get your copy, order through Amazon in the Amazon Box on the sidebar.

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