Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sue Scheff: Teen Stress Book

Balancing Act: A Teen's Guide to Managing Stress
Is your teen anxious? Irritable? Feeling depressed? Having trouble sleeping? Feeling tired all the time?
If these symptoms describe your teen, they may have too much stress in their life! Stress is a fact of life. We all live with it. We all experience its effects.
The exhilarated rider on a roller coaster experiences one kind of stress. The terrified victim of assault experiences another.
Too many teens, however, deal with a potentially harmful, even deadly form of stress: chronic stress.This book offers teens a primer on stress:
What is it? From where does it come? How does it help us? How can it cause harm? How do we know if we're under too much stress? What unhealthy ways of handling stress should we avoid? What healthy ways of stress management can we embrace? What tips or strategies might help us better handle the sources of stress in our lives?
If you want to know how to manage stress better, sidebars, easy-to-understand statistics, and real-life case studies make this book an informative, interesting read.
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