Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sue Scheff: KidSafeOnline

Is this too cute? Well, yes, cute but also a very serious subject and concern for parents today. Gayle Ostic is the owner of KidSafeOnline and has developed an informational and educational site for parents to gain new tools and knowledge for keeping their children safe in space.
Why KidSafe Online?

Gayle has worked as a systems engineer for various hardware and software companies for a period of 25 years. Given her technical expertise, it was easy for her to understand and look at what her children have been doing over the years between Instant Messaging and the sites like Live Journal, Xanga, Myspace and now Facebook.
It was these sites that spurred her into making sure her daughters were not putting personal info and revealing pictures on them that would help attract the predators. Gayle has always made known her monitoring activities to the children and discussed many of the good and bad things they can get out of the internet.
After working in business for many years she has also taught her children that anything written on the internet and sent out is open to public view. Therefore, it is not an invasion of their privacy for a parent to oversee any activity coming from a computer in their home. It is the parents obligation to see what goes outand also what is sent into their home.

1. Be aware of these activities
2. Acquire parental controls and monitoring software.

This is great advice but where do parents go when they are not comfortable or knowledgeable enough to find,install and use these software packages? KidSafe Online was created to educate and provide just those services.

Gayle Ostic wants to empower every parent with the correct skills to protect their families!

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