Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sue Scheff: Smart Parenting

This is a very unique and interesting concept - Smart Parenting with SleepTalk.

Today parents are always looking for new help and ideas to raise our kids. As our society is constantly changing, raising our kids is shifting too.
Smart Parenting is facilitated by certified SleepTalk™ Coach David Dixon, an Australian living in Singapore and is Director of Next Step To Success Pte Ltd. David originally trained as a Podiatrist in 1979 and became a certified hypnotherapist in 1997. David is a Member of the AACHP, ACHA, and a Foundation Member of CCH (AU). As well, he is a member of the NGH (US). Since arriving in Singapore, David has become a Singapore People’s Association Trainer and a Singapore Rugby Union Referee. He is the father of two teenagers.
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