Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Stand For...(The Things I Value)

Papersalt has done it again!

Graduation is around the corner and no matter what age your child is, this is a perfect gift!

What values have you instilled in your child?

I have been a fan of Papersalt since I received their first book.  They make perfect gifts, especially for those that are hard to buy for---but more importantly for everyone.  Why?

Because every book has a message that stimulates, inspires, or even has a sense of humor. 

What do you stand for?

Encourage.....Words or acts that give someone hope, confidence or courage

Benevolence.... Doing something just to be nice;  helping others

Cooperation.....Working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit

Dignity.... Holding a proper sense of pride and self-respect

 Papersalt has their own Amazon page now!  Order today!!!

Visit their website at www.papersalt.com for more of their fantastic books and items.

PS:  I am passing this one out at our local Rotary and Rotaract!  It is perfect and what we stand for!  Service above self!  I love Papersalt!

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