Saturday, December 18, 2010

Teens and Gift Cards: Don't Let them Go To Waste

Most everyone knows that right behind find that perfect gift for the person that has everything, a teenager can be just as difficult to buy for.

Different from the the person that has everything (they usually have money too), a teen will love the cold cash!  Forget the gift cards, rip-up the checks, and good old fashion cash is gold to them.

There is a thought process many parents have that our teens will not be responsible with the cash.  That may be true, however do you realize how many gift cards are not used or not used to their full value?  A lot!
Although gift cards are definitely an easier gift to give, especially now that you can purchase them in most grocery stores and department stores such as Walmart, be sure the recipient will use the entire card - a little reminder doesn't hurt.

One of the more frequent issues teens have with gift cards is remembering to use them.  How many have you found when cleaning your teens bedroom - or better yet, their car if they have one?
A recent Associated Press (AP) article had excellent advice when it comes to teens and those gift cards.

According to the AP:

Conventional wisdom holds that gift cards are the perfect present for picky teens. But not all teens agree.

Reasons include logistical hassles in using the cards, lack of interest in the store or brand, a preference for cash, or even a wish for something personal. Often the cards pile up unused, but some teens sell them for a portion of their face value or even create a black market and trade them for lunch money.

The answer - when it comes to gifts for your teens? Talk to your teens - find out what they really want, what they need and what they will use.  At the end of the day, like everything else when it comes to your teen - it is about communication!

Talk to your teens before you spend the cash.

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