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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sue Scheff: Tomorrow's Rainbow - Helping children deal with grief

Losing a loved one is difficult. During the holiday season this loss can seem overwhelming for many adults, however can we imagine how children must feel?

Tomorrow's Rainbow is an organization and ranch located in Coconut Creek, Florida that strives to help children that have lost a parent or loved one. Their mission statement is:

Tomorrow's Rainbow is committed to guiding children and their families through the grief process. By combining miniature horse interactions with camaraderie, compassion and guidance, they will begin healing and will be led toward a more joyful future.

Tomorrow's Rainbow is a special place for children that have experienced the death of a loved one. By incorporating miniature horse interactions with therapeutic play areas and facilitated peer support, children are given the tools necessary to take their own personal grief journey in a way that is meaningful to them. Tomorrow's Rainbow is a safe place where children feel, often for the first time, understood.

The founder, Abby Mosher, knows first-hand how a loss of a loved can affect a family and especially children. Several years ago she lost her husband in a tragic car accident and her children lost their loving father. Recovering from this devastation took time and counseling. During this time, she meet an acquaintance that used miniature horses to help encourage sick children. Abby immediately thought how these same horses could help bereaved children.

She envisioned her dream and created a safe and compassionate environment with her love of animals, especially her miniature horses. Soon 10,000 Teens for Tomorrow's Rainbow will be introduced. South Florida teens are changing the way grieving children, teens and their families are supported in our community.

Do you want to find out more about Tomorrow's Rainbow or how you can help? Maybe you are interested in volunteering? Contact Abby Mosher at  and you can follow her on Twitter @AbbyMosher and watch the 2 minute video.

Tomorrow's Rainbow is guiding children back to joy....

Also read more and watch video on Examiner.

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