Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sue Scheff: Doohiki - FUN is Learning! Meet this labor of love!

This is a wonderful, engaging and educational website for you and your family.  Check this out!

About Doohiki:, the Wubbalum Club™ and the Wubbalum Friends™ are truly a labour of love.

I’ve noticed through my coaching efforts in both baseball and archery that there is an atmosphere of change upon us, a kind of anti-technology backlash. First, you need to know that in no way am I against the use of technology in the education of children but I do understand a parent’s desire to provide a variety of opportunities and influences. This site, the club and the friends came about as an answer to that call.

My mission is to provide as much downloadable content as I possibly can with only one goal in mind… “Kids must have fun while learning.” To that end, rather than sell individual items, although it is an option, interested parents, teachers and educators can purchase a 1-year Membership for a nominal fee.

Members can download previously and newly posted content FREE of any further charges for an entire year. In the long run, the Member can save hundreds of dollars.

I am open to suggestions and will do my best to take requests wherever I can.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it a useful tool in the education of your children.


Visit and pass it forward!  Follow them on Twitter too!

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