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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sue Scheff: NameGrab - Do you own your name?

What Can I do with NameGrab?
  • Control and protect your name across the web.
    Own your name on hundreds of social networking sites
    Prevent impostors from posing as you
    Dominate search results for your name
    Ensure that people find the real you
Why Grab My Name?

There are countless websites that allow individuals to sign up, create a profile, and build virtual relationships with people around the world using any name they want. What happens when someone decides to take your name?
It's all you. Make sure it's all yours.

Identity thieves use lax verification codes to masquerade as real people while cyber-squatters hold social networking domains for ransom, effectively blocking your name from its rightful home on the internet. NameGrab prevents identity theft and cyber-squatting and ensures permanent ownership of both your personal and professional brands.
Harness the power of your brand.

Looking after your name online is a full-time job. By using the latest in deep-search technology, NameGrab checks websites for the names you want and then claims them for you. With NameGrab, you can rest easy that both your personal and professional brands stay where they belong - in your hands.
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