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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sue Scheff: Help Take Action Against Hunger

Hunger - How is it possible in today's world?
By Christoper Burgess
Are you hungry? Hunger is a sensation millions experience, daily. We can do something about it, we can do more than you think, you can do something today (right now). Please read on - there is a hungry person and family near you and in this truly tumultuous economic year, every single dollar, minute or food item you donate can put food in to the mouths of those who hunger.
When I was a child I'd sometimes fuss with my food at dinner (the all time fuss-bucket winner was brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea - Gemmifera Group) my mother loved them, they just weren't my favorite). My mother would have none of it, and would admonish me to clean my plate, eat my veggies and add, "Don't you know, there are starving children in China?" Clearly I didn't and the impudence in me probably offered to envelope and send the food to China vice my stomach, but what I didn't understand is, while there may very well have been starving children in China we didn't have to go so far, there were starving children much closer to home.
Read entire article here - and please consider donating.

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