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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sue Scheff: No Idle Hands - Keeping Your Teens Busy


Our Mission: To minimize exposure to acts of violence faced by inner city youth of Chicago by engaging and increasing their awareness to positive, productive, and entertaining activities taking place in their community.

Our Vision: Within the next three years, No Idle Hands will become the main distribution channel of youth event info utilized by organizations, churches and educators comprising more then one hundred thousand subscribers to its newsletter.

Need to be addressed: This organization wishes to address the high crime rate in the Chicago-land area among the youth. The idea is that if they are kept busy, they will be less likely to cause crimes or become victims of them. At this point, the level of success this project will have cannot be determined. Conversely we do know that without it, a record number of Chicago Public School children have become victims to violence over the past year.

Organization Activities/Programs: Initially, No Idle Hands will not be organizing activities but will focus on advertising the activities/programs of the numerous other organizations around the Chicago-land area. No Idle Hands seeks to be the central depository for all upcoming youth aimed events and programs. Through a regularly published newsletter and online calendar, we intend to keep educators, parents and youth informed of all the many outstanding and positive activities at their disposal. Organizations, churches, etc, will be able to go to the website and enter in all their respective event details to be added to the calendar. Individuals will also be encouraged to sign up for the newsletter in which we will advertise upcoming events and solicit participation.

Community: Our focus and resources will be used to work with organizations, churches, etc, that serve the city of Chicago. We will put an emphasis on their involvement in making this online calendar and newsletter a success. However, communities outside Chicago will be welcome to participate as well.

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