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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sue Scheff: National Cyber Safety Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Safety Awareness Month.

This is a great time to put together a list of great websites and resources to help you become an educated parent as well as helping your kids and teens to surf safely.

Over the past few months, I have written articles on Cyber Safety and how you can protect yourself and your family.

In August I released my recent book, Google Bomb! The Untold Story of the $11.3M Verdict Changed the Way We Use the Internet, which has received high praises and fantastic reviews.
Here is a small sample of some excellent articles, websites and services to help you be an educated parent. An educated parent leads to a safer child/teen online. Isn’t your child worth it? Take the time to learn more.

Articles for your review:

Internet image: Tips to maintain your virtual profile and resume

Do you know what Google is saying about you?

What is a Google Bomb?

Social Web Tips for TeensSocial Web Tips for Parents

Parenting Teens and cell phone tips

Teen Internet Addiction

Internet Safety and Guidance Counselors

Internet Safety and Internet Predators

Websites to review:
Love Our Children USA
Cyber Patrol iLookBothWays
Web Wise Kids
Cati Cares
Connect Safely
Mothers Against Predators

Services and books promoting Online Safety


PG KeyGoogle Bomb Book – by John W. Dozier Jr. and Sue Scheff

Look Both Ways – by Linda Criddle

Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost – by Christopher Burgess and Richard Power

Cyber Safety Book – by Ken Knapton

As an author and Parent Advocate, I always encourage parents to put aside time to know what your kids/teens are doing in cyberspace. Teach them about the importance of what they post today, may haunt them tomorrow.

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For more info: National Cyber Safety Awareness website.

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