Monday, August 17, 2009

Sue Scheff: A Way Through - The Female Friendship Experts

Do you have a daughter that may need some extra help? A Way Through is a wonderful wealth of inspirational and educational information for you.
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We’ll Personally Guide You and Your Kindergarten – Grade 8 Daughter Through the Maze of Painful Friendships… Put Your Daughter in Control of Her Own Experiences. She’ll Learn to Successfully Build Thriving Friendships and You’ll Learn to Coach Her Behind the Scenes
From: Jane Balvanz and Blair Wagner, the Female Friendship Experts
Dear Parents of Girls Hurting from Painful Friendships:
Do you need some help in guiding your daughter through hurtful friendships?

It’s Tough to Know What to Do When Your Daughter Is Being Hurt by Other Girls
As a parent, do you feel:

Angry when your daughter is being excluded, gossiped about, or given the silent treatment?
Sad seeing your daughter being hurt by her “friends”?

Frustrated due to your daughter’s on-again / off-again friendships?

Unable to help your daughter when school, sports, or social activities seem like a girl war zone?
Devastated when your daughter is too scared to go to school?

Whether You Are Feeling Angry, Hurt or Helpless at What Is Happening to Your Daughter, We Want You to Know That There Is a Way Through This Form of Bullying

Many parents have found hope through learning more about the dynamics of Relational Aggression (RA). In turn they have equipped their daughters with skills with which to assert themselves in RA situations. Their daughters have experienced relief and used their personal power to create friendships which serve them.
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