Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sue Scheff: Summer Learning

National Center for Summer Learning

What's the problem we're trying to solve?

During the summer months, young people living in poverty often don’t have access to essential resources that support their academic and developmental progress. As a result, they experience well-documented setbacks in academic performance which contribute to growth in the achievement gap. They also face nutritional setbacks which contribute to the problem of childhood obesity.

Our vision and mission.

The vision of the National Center for Summer Learning is for every young person to experience enriching, memorable summers. To realize that vision, our mission is to ensure that children and youth in high-poverty communities have access to quality summer learning programs.

What we do.

Based at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, the Center engages in research, develops policy, and delivers professional development designed to achieve the following results:

Increase the number of providers offering high-quality summer learning programs to young people living in poverty;
Increase the number of organizations and policymakers that identify summer learning as a public policy priority; and
Increase funding for high-quality summer learning programs for young people who currently lack choices and opportunities

Through its nation-wide network of providers and partners, the Center is focusing national attention on how high-quality summer learning programs help close the achievement gap, lead to higher graduation rates, and promote healthy development.

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