Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sue Scheff: Coping with your Teens Moods

Surviving the Roller Coaster:A Teen's Guide to Coping with Moods
Have you ever been laughing one moment, and crying the next? How about so angry you could throw something, and then suddenly burst out laughing? All of us have experienced mood swings like this, and they're even more common during adolescence. Rapidly changing emotions, from contentment to irritability, anger to despair, euphoria to despondency, are common occurrences during your teen years.
What causes these shifts in mood?
The sources vary, but for most teens, two main agents are involved: brain chemistry and life changes. The same hormonal activity that brings about the body changes teens experience also triggers changes in your brain. At the same time, your relationships with your family and friends are changing, you have more responsibilities and freedoms than ever before, and you face a whole new set of pressures. All these things can turn your life into a series of emotional peaks and valleys. But there is hope. This book will help you understand what's happening to you, and it will offer practical coping mechanisms. Don't worry. You too can survive the roller coaster!

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