Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baffle That Bully! The Game That Puts YOU in Control & Makes the Bully Lose Interest

By Chase Anichini, Amy Jones Anichini and Jordan Anichini

"Baffle That Bully!" is a way of maintaining your cool while distracting bullies, throwing them off their game, and putting them in a game where you make the rules. The result: bullies decide for themselves to leave you alone, because it's no longer fun to pick on you.

But the book is about more than overcoming bullying. It's also about being the keeper of your own feelings and not letting other people bring you down, no matter how hard they try. It's about believing in yourself.

"Baffle That Bully!" was written by a family to help other families. Co-written by 9-year-old Chase Anichini, who was the target of emotional bullying for 2 years, and her mother Amy Jones Anichini, "Baffle That Bully!" teaches your child how to stay calm when others are trying their best to upset him/her. Chase's story and characters - some bullying targets and some bullies - are brought to life through the beautiful illustrations of her 12-year-old sister Jordan Anichini.

Scarlett introduces 3 steps to playing "Baffle That Bully!" for your child to follow every single time someone is "mean" to him/her. Then she walks your child through several situations ("The Bully Encounters of Scarlett the Baffler") and explains how she applied the 3 steps to remain calm while throwing the bullies off of their well-rehearsed tactics. Scarlett demonstrates how to successfully Baffle YOUR Bully.

When your child learns how to "Baffle That Bully!", he/she will not only distract the bully from their well-rehearsed tactics but will also gain confidence. That self-confidence and sense of self-esteem could help your child handle just about any unpleasant situation.

New Feature: Anyone who has purchased the book can talk to Scarlett via BaffleThatBully.com and ask her questions about handling bullies and/or playing the game! Visit our site to "Ask Scarlett."

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for including our book among your resources! Our family learned so much through Chase's battle with bullies, and we want to reach as many families and children as we can to give them hope. Not only can your child overcome bullying, they can emerge stronger and more confident. They don't have to be a victim of bullying just because they are a target of bullying.